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    GoodLife offers an array of programs throughout the school year and during summer break, which include Individualized workshops & tutoring such as our Five Days of Summer classes and our Summer Academy courses.
    Our learning center meets state-mandated protocols on social distancing and good hygiene to ensure the safety of all students. We offer all of our programs both virtually and in-person, so you may choose an option that best meets the needs of your family and child. Additionally, our courses (both virtual and in-person), provide interactive activities that are easily accessible for those learning from home and safe for those in our center. Descriptions of all our programs offered this summer are on our website. Just complete the Contact Form or call 856-701-8113 to discuss your child’s specific needs and scheduling.

The Application Process

Helps guide students through the components of the high school and college application process. Including assembling the information needed to accurately develop their profiles, creating compelling essays, and compiling their resumes. This workshop approaches the application process in a systematic way with regular support and guidance.

Cost: $550 for six sessions


Writing Extension

Composition instruction that helps students develop the foundational skills necessary for good writing, and learn how to analyze and complete writing tasks. This workshop will focus on analysis, ideas, organization, voice and word choice, sentence fluency and clarity/coherence. (Curriculum can be designed to meet the needs of a school assignment)

Cost: $550 for six sessions


Reading Extension

Literacy instruction that not only provides motivation and a rich connection to the book’s content, but teaches children to read for pleasure without the pressure of assessment. This workshop helps students choose a book(s) of interest, and proceeds to guide them through the literacy process, offering instructional modeling and activities that promote discussion and insight. (Curriculum can be designed to meet the needs of a school assignment)

Cost: $550 for six sessions

Study Skills & Learning Strategies

Helps students better understand themselves as learners, develop active learning strategies and discover methods to self-regulate their attention. This workshop is core to creating new study habits. Students will learn to tackle objectives, organize a plan and complete a task. (Curriculum can be designed to meet the needs of a school assignment)

Cost: $550 for six sessions


Math Extension

Teaches children the process of problem solving and strategies that help make abstract math more accessible. This workshop is full of practical examples that support students through both the mastery of basic skills and foundational math, but also highlights the importance of critical thinking. (Curriculum can be designed to meet the needs of a school assignment).

Cost: $550 for six sessions


Six instructional sessions devoted to a single academic subject or learning skill.
This allows our teachers to plan their instruction to cover a task in depth. Our workshops are designed for both individual or small group instruction (2-4 students). Group instruction is organized by grade level, content needs, and availability.

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