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    Summer is a wonderful time to make gains on lost instructional time. GoodLife offers an array of programs throughout the summer including our Individualized workshops & tutoring, Five Days of Summer classes, and our Summer Academy courses. Our plan is to offer these programs both virtually and in-person so that you may choose an option that best meets the needs for your family and your child. We are currently making adaptations to our learning center in order to meet state mandated protocols on social distancing and good hygiene. Moreover, we are adapting our courses (both virtual and in-person) to incorporate interactive activities that will be easily accessible for those learning from home and safe for those in our center. Descriptions of all our programs offered this summer are on our website. Just complete the Contact Form or call 856-701-8113 to discuss your child’s specific needs and scheduling.

1 Course | 6 Weeks | 36 Hours

The Good Life Learning Summer Honors Academy offers accelerated six-week programs consisting of rigorous, fast-paced graded courses taught at the high-school honors levels. Classes are held twice a week, for three-hour learning sessions, totaling 36 hours of instruction. Some courses cover an entire single semester or full academic year worth of curriculum, while in others, curricular objectives are outlined in correlation to the academic skills and content expectations pertinent to the course. All courses provide students with both an academically challenging and personally rewarding experience.


Summer Honors Academy courses are best for students interested in studying a subject in-depth, with quality instructors. Additional independent work is required and necessary in order to meet the course objectives. Classes are organized into small groups of up to eight students and all course materials are supplied, including a syllabus outlining topics and assignments.


Summer Honors Academy
$1500 per course

Complete our contact form, and we will call you to discuss your child’s specific needs.

Courses Run For Six Weeks  |  July 13th – August 21st

Algebra II & Trigonometry Honors

Algebra II & Trigonometry Honors Algebra II & Trigonometry Honors covers: systems, equations, polynomial arithmetic, complex numbers, solutions of quadratic equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequences, series, graphs of polynomial functions, conic sections, and concepts in trigonometry, including trigonometric identities. Algebra II & Trigonometry Honors is a full-year course in an
accelerated format.

(PREREQUISITE: Algebra I & Teacher Recommendation)

Introduction to AP Literature & Composition

Begin sharpening the literacy skills necessary for success in preparing for the AP Literature course and exam. Through a close reading of selected texts, students will learn the process of thought needed in order to respond and write about literature. This literature-based program will prepare students for a lifetime of learning, especially in the college environment, where developing more sophisticated reading skills are essential. The writing that students produce in the course reinforces their reading. Since reading is a writing stimulant, they must be taught together in order to underscore their common and distinctive elements. Thus, students in AP will learn how to write critically, relying on the literature as support for their arguments.

(PREREQUISITE: Intention to take the AP Literature Course & Teacher Recommendation)


*For those students registered for the AP course in the upcoming fall, our course will assist students in covering some of the summer requirements set forth by their individual schools. The intention of this course is to help the student become more confident in their ability to work efficiently and effectively, so that the course will be more manageable during their academic school year.

SAT & ACT Preparation

This course is ideal for the student who has done little to no preparation thus far for standardized tests. The intention of this course is to jumpstart the practice and review process, so that the student begins to understand what is necessary in order to feel prepared and feel confident for both the ACT and SAT. This curriculum will cover test strategies, content review, and include to 2 Full-Length Practice tests. Additionally, we will outline an individualized plan for continued independent practice in the specific areas that are pertinent for the student’s desired success.

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