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Five Days of Summer is a unique program that uses an in-depth approach to learning, allowing students to accomplish big goals in a small amount of time.

Whether your child has summer reading/math assignments to complete, wants to sharpen math and literacy skills or preview material for an upcoming school course, our teachers provide the guidance necessary to minimize anxiety and maximize results.


Summer Mini Classes

5 Days, 3 Hours a Day/ $325 Each Course

Small Groups 2-4 students per class

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Five Days of Summer Big Learning In A Small Amount of Time
Math Programs

All courses are designed to review, expand, and manipulate math skills in a comprehensive and authentic way. Each course is themed to incorporate a summative project that is built upon daily, showing students how
the skills can be used simultaneously in order to
better appreciate the end result.

Fun With Fractions

Grades 3 & 4

Focus on the components of Fractions: Multiplication & Division;
Place Value; Factors; Angles; Decimals; Graphing


Math Core Review

Grades 5 & 6

Pre-Algebraic Concepts:

Order of Operations; Decimals; Place Value; Expressions & Equations; Fractions; Exponents; Data Analysis & Probability



Order of Operations with Variables and Expressions; Integers and Absolute Value: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, and Comparing; Exponents and Square Roots; Ratios, Proportions, and Percent; Solving Basic Equations and Inequalities

Math & Science Preview Courses

Our preview courses enable students to familiarize themselves with challenging concepts prior to the start of the school year. Previewing material can improve students’ future comprehension and help them prepare for upcoming tasks/activities. Each course provides essential foundational information and vocabulary that will allow the student to pull out important ideas more easily. These courses help establish the scope of the material that will be covered, slowly easing students into new content and making them feel more confident and less overwhelmed.

Algebra I

Equations and Functions; Graphing and Solving Linear Equations; Creating Equations from Lines; Multiplying and Dividing Monomials; Scientific Notation; Basic Quadratic Factoring


Algebra II

Graphing Lines and Creating Equations from Lines; Solving Systems of Equations; Solving and Graphing Quadratic Functions; Polynomials and their Functions; Exponential and Logarithmic Functions



Introduction of the properties and applications of common geometric figures in two and three dimensions. Including: transformations and right triangle trigonometry; Inductive and deductive thinking skills; introduction to writing proofs to solve (prove) properties of geometric figures


Physics I

Define and draw various system schemas- understanding how their energy transfers to one another; Using the system schemas to create energy diagrams; Creating motion maps by utilizing a number line to identify positions over a period of time; Positioning Time Graphs and Velocity Time Graphs


Chemistry I

Basic introduction to phases of matter, chemical & physical properties and changes, and energy/chemical reactions; Measuring matter, calculating significant digits & conversions, and density calculations; Overview of Atomic Structure: atomic theory, elemental notation, electron configuration, orbital notation, and the periodic table

Literary Programs

The focus of our literacy courses is to assist students in the comprehension and analysis process when reading a book. Through instructional modeling (with a “book club” feel) we will examine multiple literary elements, explore central themes and motifs, and consider book/author criticism. Each course is themed to a specific genre and books will be chosen according to student participants from the best of adolescent/adult literature.

Favorite Series

Have you ever completed a book and wished that the story didn’t end? Join us this summer and become immersed in some of our favorite series. Popular choices may include (but are not limited to) Percy Jackson, Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, or even Narnia. Each course will concentrate on a specific series, allowing us
to dive deep into discussion and contemplate multiple perspectives
and interpretations. By the end of the week you’ll be ready to continue the story.


Can You Imagine? Fantasy Genre

Travel to a new place, where events are all but ordinary and the element of magic an absolute necessity. We will discuss the literary elements that are central to the fantasy genre, as well as reflect on the descriptive and character analysis needed in order to make the reader a believer.


Whodunit? – Mystery Genre

Become a reading detective and try and solve a mysterious death or crime. We will discuss the mystery plot structure and investigate the elements needed for suspense and dynamic twists.


American Lit Classics

American Literature was shaped by the history of the country that produced it: disillusionment, depression, freedom, and postmodernism
to list a few. The style and form is unique and varied. We will concentrate on selections from some of the most popular authors including (but not limited to): Twain, Morrison, Lee, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Plath, O’Brien,
or Hurston.


Classical British Literature

British Literature is some of the most famous and fascinating literature ever written, reflecting the evolution of Western civilization and British Identity. We will concentrate on selections from the Modern English Period including (but not limited to): Austen, Shelley, Joyce, Conrad, Orwell, or Wilde.


Become a Better Writer – Writing with Research

This course will teach you how to write utilizing textual evidence. We will help students understand how to research and support their conclusions by analyzing text, finding the best evidence, paraphrasing, using direct quotations, and discovering how to approach the writing process in an efficient, effective way… making it easy to tackle any written assignment.


Book Club – Thinking & Discussing while Reading

Learn just how entertaining participating in a Book Club can be!
This course will tackle a controversial text and model and teach how thinking about the context can lead to worthwhile discussions. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the discovery process of reading critically.

Metacognition & Resiliency

Executive Functioning Skills

This course will help students learn how to become more independent learners. Topics include: note taking, organizational methods, time management, problem solving strategies, and study skills.

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