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    GoodLife offers an array of programs throughout the school year and during summer break, which include Individualized workshops & tutoring such as our Five Days of Summer classes and our Summer Academy courses.
    Our learning center meets state-mandated protocols on social distancing and good hygiene to ensure the safety of all students. We offer all of our programs both virtually and in-person, so you may choose an option that best meets the needs of your family and child. Additionally, our courses (both virtual and in-person), provide interactive activities that are easily accessible for those learning from home and safe for those in our center. Descriptions of all our programs offered this summer are on our website. Just complete the Contact Form or call 856-701-8113 to discuss your child’s specific needs and scheduling.

To help parents, students and schools determine the most appropriate educational path for achieving academic goals, Founder and Chief Learning Consultant, Martha Mercantini PhD offers a variety of personalized consulting services.

Academic Consulting

Educational planning assistance.

Guidance and assistance
through every step of the admissions process.

Recommendations for improving the quality of learning environments and curriculum.

Interpretation of IEP (ISP) and 504 educational plans, as well as development of appropriate accommodations for individual learning needs.

Fees vary depending on the specific needs and services required.

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